Continuously provide innovative solutions to clinical and health difficulties or pain points

Development strategy

Two-wheel drive with technological innovation and clinical value

Adhering to the dual drive of "technical innovation" and "clinical value", with the R&D and industrialization of "new markers/underlying technologies/key raw materials/automatic instruments" as the core, it is committed to treating malignant tumors, neurodegenerative diseases and major infectious diseases STD diagnosis offers innovative solutions!

Product strategy

Internationally leading, complete categories, covering the whole process of tumor diagnosis

The main product lines include molecular (PCR, NGS), protein (Elisa, chemiluminescence, POCT), exosome (mRNA, miRNA and protein)

Technology strategy

Self-made key materials

High affinity recombinant antibodies, humanized or bispecific antibodies, eukaryotic antigens, traceable reference materials, engineered exosome standards, CTC standards, library building reagents, UMI linkers, key reaction enzymes, specific magnetic beads, Modified fillers, etc.

—— There is no "stuck neck" problem of raw materials suitable for industrialization, uncontrollable quality, high cost, long supply cycle and single source.

Talent strategy

Talent is the core asset of Microdiag

Eclectic selection, employment and retention

Talent-oriented, focus on wisdom, inspire innovation, and dare to excel

International strategy

Advance into the United States, realize the dual reporting of core products in China and the United States, and firmly practice "the world is true"

In 5 years, Microdiag entered the first-tier market in the United States and obtained original international recognition and interest premium.



  • 分子產(chǎn)品
  • 免疫產(chǎn)品
  • 儀器設備
  • 新冠產(chǎn)品

  • Suzhou R&D Center

    Continuously provide innovative solutions to clinical and health difficulties or pain points

  • Shanghai R&D Center

    Product development for early detection and detection in the fields of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and infectious diseases

  • Anhui R&D Center

    Focus on the creation of immune and molecular POCT production lines

  • Hong Kong R&D Center

    Dedicated to breakthroughs in HPV self testing and AD blood screening products


  • Cancer prevention and rehabilitation detection technology

    Self-developed ctDNA liquid biopsy and unique tumor marker detection reagents and other tumor prevention and rehabilitation detection technologies are the core

  • Colorectal tumor MRD omics detection

    A "refined" tool for postoperative follow-up management/self-management of bowel cancer patients

  • Tumor genetic testing

    Can carry out common medical laboratory subjects including clinical cytomolecular genetics, clinical immunity, serological testing and other majors, mainly engaged in tumor genetic testing, testing services related to major infectious diseases

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    Liquid biopsy leader

  • mission

    To Provide Innovative Solutions for
    the Diagnosis of Critical Diseases

  • View of Value

    Seeking Truth from Facts
    Pioneering on Our Innovation

  • Vision

    To Be a Leading IVD Enterprise Driven by Liquid
    Biopsy Technologies and Targeting International Markets

  • Coporate Culture

    Simplicity Integrity Excellence

  • Hotline: 0512-8187-9848

    Address: Building 16, Northwest District, Suzhou Nano City, No. 99, Jinji Lake Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province